Ornamental frames

OrnamentrahmenOrnamentrahmenOur product range includes ornamental frames in different materials. Frames in polyester and polyurethane are fabricated in an open cast process, components of HPL, PVC, MDF, ABS and aluminium are produced on CNC machining centres. The surface is available unpainted, coated with paint in numerous RAL colours and in different handcrafted wood grain colours. We manufacture the frames according to your design specifications and offer a wide range of free available models.

GRP Hand laminates

Gfk HandlaminateGfk HandlaminateHeat resistant resins and a high glass content up to 40 % guarantee distortion-free and highly stressable laminates.

Our GRP hand laminates cannot only be used for plane and grooved surfaces, but also for individually designed profiles and for tanks, containers and covers as well.

Composite Elements

VerbundelementeVerbundelementeAnother core competence is the manufacturing of composite elements for a multitude of applications, e. g. vehicle and container construction, furniture making, partition systems, cold storage cells, stage and exhibiting construction, advertising media, facades, parapet elements.

The standard version of our composite elements has a core of polyurethane riged foam and is – according to requirement - equipped with different top layers, e. g. consisting of GRP, epoxy, HPL, PVC etc. According to individual defaults, here we also offer products in different formats and different strengths, with inlays of aluminium, wood or steel as protection against burglary, or equipped with sound insulation.

Blanks of door panels

HaustürfüllungsrohlingeHaustürfüllungsrohlingeHaustürfüllungsrohlingeCast frames of polyester, polyurethane, stainless steel, PVC, HPL and aluminium can be used as design e/ements on the base. The outer ornamental frames are glued permanently, the inner glass frames are
clipped in order to be removab/e for glazing. in addition to our standard program we also produce b/anks of door panels according to your wishes.

Like our composite elements, insets of a/uminium, wood or stee/ as protection against burg/ary or as sound insu/ation are possible. A alternative are blanks of door pane/s which are de/ivered with milled light cutouts. The pane/s are delivered in dismountab/e transport boxes by our own vehicles.

Paint work

LackierarbeitenLackierarbeitenAll the products we supply can be in our modern painting plant, according to your wishes. Due to their unique look and their variety of colours our two-component lacquers offer a lot of “up-to-date” design options. The whole range of RAL colours is available, but individual adjustment to a sample that already exists is possible, too.

The paint surface is characterized by good elasticity, strong adhesion, very good preservation of brightness, and optimal resistance to weather, scratches and fading.

CNC Milling technology

CNC-FrästechnikCNC-FrästechnikCNC-FrästechnikWith our computer-controlled three- and (lve axis milling centres processing in sizes up to 4400x /680 mm is possib/e. By this means we can fulfill customer demands in series production as weil as in single-piece production.

Grooves and light cutouts are feasible as weil as inlays and threedimensional mou/ds. Due to the wide range of processing possibilities CNC milling technology is also used for manufacturing e/aborate prima/ mode/s and for single pieceproduction of ornamental frames in various materials.

Model- and mould making

Modell- und FormenbauModell- und FormenbauWe plan and construct technical moulded parts of GRP and cast resins for prototypes, single pieces and serial parts which are applied and different areas.

For ornamental frames and laminates we first develop the appropriate primal models. From these models wood silicon moulds are cast for the production of ornamental frames. For the production of laminates moulds of aluminium are milled or constructed individually, according to the technical and optical requirements.